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Masters In Graphic Designing

Are you considering a career in design and looking for one of the best job oriented graphic designing courses? Join this master in graphic designing course specialized in intelligent and industry-based production.

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6 Months

Recommended 7-9 hrs/week



After every class

Program Highlights

Major Highlights

  • Certificate from DIDM and SkillShiksha
  • Case Studies and Projects
  • Dedicated Student Success Trainer
  • Personalised Resume Feedback
  • 1-to-1 With Industry Trainer
  • Promote Your Brand Online
  • Practical Knowloedge Of Graphic Designing
  • Think Big and Earn Big/Make Money Online
  • Assignment after every class
  • Internship In Leading Companies

We are partner with the most promising Delhi Institute Of Digital Marketing to create the set of leaders in the field of Digial Marketing.This course will definately give you the career boost with highly paid job like no other digital marketing course

Graphic Designing Course Curriculum

This online graphic designing course will also help students in acquiring training and portfolio of graphic design necessary for interview to the entry-level career opportunities with organizations, educational institutions, agencies, entertainment companies, and publications etc.

This section explores the structural foundations of layout design and of computers if necessary. You will be learning about various grid systems used by designers i.e. Manuscript Grid, Column Grid, Modular Grid, and Hierarchical Grid to unite text, images, and other page elements within an overall visual communication. Case studies explore how the masters created fluid designs on solid foundations. You will learn how elements such as margins, markers, modules, and flowlines help to unify a page or spread in graphic designing.

  • video-iconIntroduction to Graphic Design and Its Uses
  • video-iconRaster & Vector GraphicsSizes & Measurements
  • video-icon Drawing Vector Shapes and Illustrations
  • video-icon Art & Sketching
  • video-icon Drawing Techniques
  • video-icon Production Requirements for Single and Multi-coloured Artwork
  • video-icon Conceptual Thinking in Creativity
  • video-icon Developing a Personal Illustration Style
  • video-icon Case Studies
  • video-icon PDP- Professional Development Program
  • video-icon Tests & Projects

Description: In this module of advanced Graphic Designing course; we teach advanced graphic designing applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign,Lightroom, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Bridge etc.

  • video-iconTypography Anatomy
  • video-iconTypography vs Design
  • video-iconColor Modes
  • video-iconColor Schemes
  • video-iconColor vs Design
  • video-iconBrands & Brands Identities
  • video-iconAdvanced Raster Techniques
  • video-iconCollage and Masking
  • video-iconImage Retouching and Color Balancing
  • video-iconUsing Filters
  • video-iconBackgrounds Designing
  • video-iconLogo Designing
  • video-iconCorporate Identity Design
  • video-iconDesigning Brochures & Catalogues
  • video-iconLayouts for Newspapers
  • video-iconDesigning Magazines
  • video-iconDesigning of Publications
  • video-iconCase Studies
  • video-iconTests & Projects

Description: Our defined curriculum is giving thorough knowledge of latest techniques of Pre-Press & Post Press. "Pre-Press & Post-Press" is highly important if you want to be a master in graphic designing and publishing. In it you will be learning following given topics..

  • video-iconPrint & Monitor Resolution
  • video-iconFile Formats
  • video-iconScanning Techniques
  • video-iconTypes of Scanners
  • video-iconPost Script an Overview
  • video-iconPS vs PDF
  • video-iconUsing PDF
  • video-iconChecking Print Files
  • video-iconPrinting and Printers
  • video-iconTrapping and Overprinting
  • video-iconColor Separations
  • video-iconTypes of Dots
  • video-iconLPI, DPI, and PPI
  • video-iconPaper Sizing
  • video-iconImposition or Pasting
  • video-iconCosting Methods
  • video-iconDealing with Service Bureau
  • video-iconPre-Flighting
  • video-iconFolding & Creasing
  • video-iconLaminations
  • video-iconCase Studies
  • video-iconPortfolio Development

Contents Covered in this Course

  • video-iconCorelDRAW
  • video-iconAdobe Photoshop
  • video-iconAdobe Illustrator
  • video-iconAdobe InDesign
  • video-iconLightroom
  • video-iconAdobe Dimension
  • video-iconAdobe Acrobat Reader
  • video-iconAdobe Bridge
  • video-iconPrepress and Postpress
  • video-iconArt and Sketching Classes
  • video-iconProduct Photography
  • video-iconStill Photography
  • video-iconProjects in Graphic Design (Projects will be very helpful at the time of Interview in Companies.)
  • video-iconPortfolio Development
  • video-iconProject Report
  • video-iconDesign Report
  • video-iconProject Presentation
  • video-iconDesigning Competitions and Events
  • video-iconLearn to Work in Team
  • video-iconKnow Essential Corporate Etiquettes
  • video-iconLearn Planning, Designing, Publishing, and Presentation of a Design
  • video-iconKnow the Veterans Design Process
  • video-iconAcquire Leadership Skills
  • video-iconResume Development
  • video-iconTests & Projects

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Lifetime Updates

Graphic designing is dynamic. You will have access to the revised content for the lifetime.

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